Holiday Homes with Hot Tubs – Our Guide

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HSG282 Hot Tub from Vortex Spas

As an increasing number of people look to take advantage of the beautiful Scottish countryside, holidaying in the UK is on the rise. With stunning scenery, no need for air travel and ease of transport, it’s clear to see why. But as the popularity of holidaying at home rises, so does the competition from other holiday homes and holiday parks, all vying for a customer’s booking.

Although there are UK holiday homes popping up everywhere, there are things you can do to stand out. One of the best things you can do for the profitability of your holiday home is to install a hot tub. There are plenty of reasons for installing a hot tub in your holiday let, and here, we’ll explore those benefits and what to expect.

Holiday Park & Lodge Hot Tubs are in demand

When potential customers search for a UK holiday home or park, the likelihood of them filtering their search based on whether a property has a hot tub is high. Don’t force yourself out of search results by not having one. Holiday homes with hot tubs are in demand, and now is the time for you to make the most of it. You’ll not only increase bookings but also be able to charge a premium.

You can charge more!

Those holidaying in the UK no longer need to shell out for expensive airline tickets. Instead, they are choosing to spend that cash on getting a more luxury UK holiday let with all the bells and whistles. As part of that, a hot tub is expected – and allows you to increase your prices too.

A hot tub is great all year round.

You can’t guarantee the great Scottish weather, but you can guarantee that a hot tub will be warm. Customers aren’t simply looking for holiday lets with a hot tub in the summer, but they are also a great winter attraction. After all, there’s nothing more rewarding than sitting in a hot tub with a glass of bubbly, looking into the crisp night sky.

Holiday homes with hot tubs attract couples and groups.

Whether it’s a romantic break for two or a group of friends holidaying together, a hot tub is perfect for all occasions. This versatility means that whatever the size of your property, you’ll be able to find the right kind of hot tub to suit the clientele. 

You can purchase a wide range of holiday park and lodge hot tubs.

From our Holiday Park range of hot tubs that are built for frequent use to smaller, more intimate hot tubs, there’s a huge range of holiday park and lodge hot tubs out there. If you’re unsure what type of hot tub would work best for your setting, the best thing to do is to speak to an expert who can guide you.

Our Holiday Park range is aimed at holiday homes, lodges and spas, and comes in a simple design so that customers can use the hot tub easily, without damaging it.

What to consider when purchasing hot tubs for your holiday let or park

The location

One of the most important factors often overlooked when planning to put hot tubs in your holiday park is the location. While there might be an ample-sized space outside, think about external factors like positioning, who can see the tub and from where, and how far it will be from the facilities inside.

The size and style 

You’ll also need to ensure the hot tub is appropriate for the setting. So, if you’re a glamping site or a holiday village, a hot tub like the Jacuzzi Lodge Series would be perfect. Designed to fit multiple people in and built for frequent use, it’s a product line that won’t let you down. If, for example, you have a smaller property that only sleeps one or two, you could opt for a smaller model to fit your space better.

Whether a model of hot tub is HSG282 compliant

If you are thinking of increasing revenue by installing hot tubs at your holiday park, you’ll need to ensure you know all about HSG282 compliance, and that you work with a reputable hot tub company that can assist. Some manufacturers have some hot tubs for a holiday let that are HSG282 compliant. This looks at elements like ensuring the dosing of chlorine or bromine is accurate. For more information on this, speak to a reputable company that can help.

Viking Spas Regal Holiday Park Hot Tub

Holiday Park Hot Tubs Scotland

If you’re looking at buying holiday park and lodge hot tubs, or are considering investing in our range of compliant hot tubs, the team here at Heavenly Hot Tubs can help. Please call us on: 0141 471 6508 and we’ll be happy to help.