Barrel For Sleeping-side Entrance Ø2.2 X 5.4

£13,495.00 inc. VAT

Enjoy this experience with all the family! Our new Barrel for sleeping offers enough space for three or four people and is equipped with one double bed (140 x 200 cm) and one single bed (70 x 200 cm). The great design means there is enough space to sleep, cuddle and dream! Enjoy the unique night in a real Wooden Barrel.

What about this model’s benefits? 

  • The barrel comes pre-built – ready to use.
  • Privacy. You can enjoy a warm, safe and private camping place.
  • The effects of the landscape are minimal and round barrels are much less bored than the convention caravan or mobile house.
  • With this Barrel your camping place will look unique and eco-friendly, you can paint the products with the colors you like.
  • Glamping feeling. Designed to include a shower room or more living space.
Addon Details
Barrel For Sleeping-side Entrance Ø2.2 X 5.4 £13,495.00


eople 4-6persons
Timber Spruce
Shape Round
Room 3
Diameter 2200mm
Wall height 2400mm
Floor thickness 18mm
Roof thickness 38mm
Wall thickness 38mm
Door size 690 x 1850; 782 x 1760mm
Window size 350 x 750; 1010 x 1014mm

Standard Set

Barrel is made from spruce wood;
Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected color: black, red, green;
5 stainless steel tightening bands;
3 rooms inside: sleeping, sitting area and WC;
2 opening windows in the WC room;
Double opening window in sleeping room;
Wooden door for WC room;
Side entrance door with a lock and a round tempered glass window;
Double bed of size 1400 x 2000 mm;
Single bed of size 700 x 2000 mm;
Small table and bench in sitting area;
2 pcs of ventilation;
One step stair.



Size of pallets (LxWxH) 2.40 x 5.50 x 2.40 m
Weight 2300kg

Barrel with side entrance is delivered to a customer fully assembled with using and maintaining instructions.


Barrel for sleeping


It is very important to have a proper base for your Barrel. Therefore, we recommend following our sketches and consulting a qualified local builder or engineer. Making sure that the base for your Barrel fits the location is of utmost importance.
Due to an improper base, the structure may crack. If the product is unevenly seated, the geometric shape of the building may change, which can result in the door/windows twisting, and/or gaps. In the worst-case scenario, the product may even collapse.

  • Before building the base, make sure you take into account the landscape and the ground conditions on which the Barrel will stand.
  • The base under the product must be prepared specifically for the Barrel.
  • The base must be homogeneous, tight and level.
  • Make sure that the properties of the base do not change over time. We recommend making the base out of concrete and water-proofing it before installation.

If you do not follow recommendations for building the base, the product will lose its warranty!


Exterior Wood Stain Colors
Exterior Wood Paint Colors


One of the main and most obvious benefits of using a paint machine is the speed and flexibility at which we can suggest our painting service for all of our products. A spray paint machine can get the work done faster and more consistently than manually painting. While the machine works faster, it improving quality too – sprayers produce an even coat of paint, leaving a high-quality finish.
With our painting service from now, we can suggest to our client’s maximum flexibility! Not assembled products as Grill cabins, Pavilions, Camping pods, and other products of any size you can order painted too!


The high-quality preservative finish is professionally spray applied in the factory to one side of the wood. The product is treated in your choice of color. You can choose two colors for one product: one for almost all product details and another for finishing details.

Which type of painting should i Use?

Properly painting and impregnating is one of the most important things to consider when thinking about how to extend your product lifetime.
Paint and natural wood finish instantly spruce up the aesthetics of your product.
The decision you will need to make is if you want to use a water-based wood stain or paint. Both will offer you UV protection. The wood stains will allow the texture of the
wood to show through and many are now available in a vast range of colors, however, paints will give you an intensive color, but will cover the grain and texture of the wood.



Available roof colors - Black Black shingles
Available roof colors - Green Green shingles
Available roof colors - Red Red shingles


Stainless steel door sill

Door stopper

Usage And Maintenance

Things to note when using the product:

  • Products that are used for staying overnight should be equipped with a smoke alarm and an extinguisher;
  • The product owner is responsible for the security and should work out a rescue plan for the camping site;
  • Remember that using heating appliances or temporary camping stoves isn‘t just a fire risk, but a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning as well.

MAINTENANCE. You should not forget that wood is a natural material, it changes move depending on weather conditions.  Large and small cracks, color tone differences and changes, as well as a changing structure of wood are not errors, but a result of wood growing and a feature of wood as a natural material. Natural wood (not impregnated) becomes greyish after having been left untouched for a while and can be turned blue and become mouldy. You should immediately process them with wood impregnations to protect the wooden details of our produced products.

  • Like any our product, our produced furniture’s needs to be looked after and processed with a wood impregnation agent or painted if you want it to last for years. Regular cleaning of your furniture is necessary to prevent mould. General warm soapy water is enough if done regularly;
  • If necessary, outside doors must be adjusted by the customer;
  • If you do not use your Camping Product often we highly recommend to use the installation of our vent to stop condensation;
  • If you find a sap pocket open during the life of your Product – you can allow it to dry naturally and then cut the sap off with a blade.



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