Premium BBQ Grill Cabin 16.5 M² + 16.5 M²

£16,900.00 inc. VAT

If you’re looking for versatile place for barbecue with a relaxation feel, a wonderful Grill Cabin 16.5 m2 + 16.5 m2 is a great choice for up to thirty-five people.

In one of the cabins there is a wood-fired grill and a table around it. The other one is empty and it could be anything you want it to be! It is great way of adding extra indoor space to your home. You can use the free space for any purpose you can think of. Turn it into a cosy bedroom or playhouse for all year round.

High-quality materials ensure the longevity of a grill house and easy use. Double grill Cabin walls are made of rounded spruce boards with the dimensions 45 x 145 mm.

The roof is covered with bitumen shingles (different colors can be selected), and there are nine double glazed windows, four  which open.