Luna Sauna 3.3m x 2.4m

£11,495.00 inc. VAT

Say yes to relaxing in your own backyard!

An outdoor sauna that comes in a minimalist and modern design combination. LUNA really redefines the concept of home wellness. You are making it all about relaxing in true elegance, with a minimalist and contemporary design.

This outdoor sauna model also comes with a changing room. You can easily use it to store your stuff or maybe you need quickly to change before stepping into the sauna.

The large sauna room window invites sunshine into the room and lets you look out into the breathtaking views.


  • All Sauna Room Interior From Deciduous Wood. The entire sauna room interior can be produced of deciduous wood (18 x 96 mm). As a standard, this type of wood is only used for sauna room benches and backrests.
  • Insulated Walls, Roof. Available to order with 100 mm rock wool insulation. Floor, front, and back walls without insulation.
  • Exterior Painting. Assembled and not assembled products can be machinery painted. The high-quality preservative finish is professionally spray-applied in the factory to three sides of the wood. The product is treated in your choice of color.
  • Inside LED Lighting. In the changing room and sauna room ceilings, both sides are under the sauna room backrests and benches.
  • Changing room bench. 
  • Big window in the back wall (sauna room). Available to order big window (1711 x 768 mm) in the back wall.

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Luna Sauna 3.3m x 2.4m £11,495.00