Sauna Barrel Ø2.2 X 2.5 M

This outdoor Sauna Barrel Ø2.2 X 2.5 M for 2 to 4 persons which stands out not merely because of its look. The round shape makes the hot air circulate perfectly and so ensures an extremely comfortable sauna experience.
What’s more, thanks to its unique round shape, less space needs to heat up!

Sauna Barrels are easy to install anywhere. They are delivered assembled or in packages that can pass through any door or entrance.
Also, there are 2 layout options for this sauna barrel: with or without 0.60 m the terrace, which means shorter (1.72 m) or longer (2.22 m) sauna room.

Choice of accessories such as headrests, sauna lights, wooden buckets, and more.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.