Sauna Cabin 9.2 M² With Changing Room

£10,395.00 inc. VAT

This Sauna cabin 9.2 m² with a changing room is optimal for a small circle of friends, 5–7 people can bath in it. This sauna cabin looks the same as Sauna cabin 9.2 m² (without a changing room) from the outside. However, the interior of the cabin is divided into two zones: the dressing room and the sauna.

The cabin is made of six roof parts, six walls (two of them are with Hexagonal double-glazed windows), wooden doors, wide sauna benches, and an interior glass door.

There is an electric or a wood-fired heater in the center of the sauna.

For safe bathing, there is a protective fence built near to the heater. Also, there are two-tier wide sauna benches along two walls of the sauna. The sauna cabin is lockable, and at the entrance, there is a small porch with a roof.

Sauna room volume 11 m3.