Sauna Cabin 9.2 M²

£8,395.00 inc. VAT

Finnish saunas, tracing their history to old smoke saunas built from logs, today are highly popular all around the world. As they have become a part of everyday lives, we offer a range of beautiful saunas. Our sauna cabins are built based on the design of a grill cabin. It has six roof parts, six walls (two of them are with Hexagonal double-glazed windows), wooden doors and wide sauna benches.

The interior is arranged for comfortable and safe bathing in the sauna.

Inside you can find two-tier wide sauna benches along three walls, an electric or a wood-fired heater in the center and a protective fence installed near to the heater. 6–8 people can enjoy the pleasures of the sauna together. The sauna cabin is lockable, and at the entrance, there is a small porch with a roof.

Sauna room volume: 19 m3.