Sauna Pod 2.4 X 2.3 M

£6,595.00 inc. VAT

Sauna POD 2.4 x 2.3 m is a beautiful solution for the gardens with the “soft edges”. It looks nice and is different from the popular sauna cabins or sauna barrels. It can also be built next to the Camping Pod and make your camping place look smooth and cozy.

Sauna Pod  2.4 x 2.3 m is made from spruce. We mainly use Nordic spruce, which comes from Scandinavia. The light, golden-white softwood radiates a friendly warmth. Every single board used for our Sauna Pod has its own individual character and history, and this makes our Sauna Pod a real natural and unique product. But the benches of the sauna are made from deciduous wood: black alder or aspen. Deciduous wood is used because there are no pockets of resin that can stain due to the high heat in the sauna.

The size of the sitting sauna bench is – 595 x 2024 mm and the width of the low sauna bench is 275 mm. The height of the bench is 250 mm and the length of the bench can be ordered according to your needs.

In the sauna, there are two vertical windows on the back wall. The size of the window is 209 x 654 mm. The thickness of the sauna pod walls is 38 mm. The thickness of the solid wood flooring is 28 mm. A roof is covered with bitumen shingles of selected color: black, red, or green. Sauna Pod is 2.3 m long and 2.4 m wide. Overall height including the roof is 2.6 m. Upon the customer’s request, we can install a wood-fired furnace or an electric heater in the sauna.

Sauna room volume is 11 m3.