Bronze Service

£189.99 inc. VAT / year


Regular servicing and maintenance of your Hot Tub will no doubt help prolong the life of your Hot Tub in the same way it would a car. If you can imagine the complex arrangement of pipework and glued joints along with electrical components and mechanical moving parts, you will begin to understand that your Hot Tub has many ways in which it can develop defects. Routine maintenance is a great way to detect problems early such as small leaks that can develop over time to cause more serious damage and potentially higher repair costs.

Most Hot Tubs built in the US or Canada and Europe are built to a pretty good standard nowadays, even some of the Chinese brands have come a long way since their humble beginnings. As a general rule of thumb, we don’t feel it is necessary to have your Hot Tub serviced until it is at least two years old but many customers still do just for the peace of mind. After this initial period, we would recommend our annual clean and maintenance service every year or every other year as an absolute minimum. This is our premier service option. We stand by our performance so why go anywhere else?

When your spa is professionally cleaned you will help to avoid nasty biofilm which builds up in the pipework overtime and can become harmful. Our refresh service is your regular quarterly clean, drain and re-fill service or more frequent if you so choose. During this visit, we will also clean your cover and filters and top up your chemicals. This service is perfect for the average busy worker who is perhaps struggling to find the time to keep on top of the Hot tub maintenance.

Our other services include our start-up service which is mostly used for spring opening when the Spa has no water or has been left for a long time empty. It covers all the points of an annual service but we do recommend a re-drain and fill a few weeks after recommissioning for optimum results. Wherever it is possible we always advise having the Hot Tub full on arrival even if it isn’t switched on so that we can complete an annual service instead. So then we arrive at the end of the season; a majority of our customers nowadays enjoy using their Hot Tubs through the winter just as much as the summer and why not?

Bathing in 38’ of water, enjoying a great hydrotherapy message when the nights are drawing in is a great way to de-stress and take the winter blues away. For those customers a little less brave to face the cold and the rain, we offer our winter Hibernate service whereby we drain down and vac out all the pipes, cleaning as we go then locking the Spa down for winter. Ensuring your spa is decommissioned properly over the winter is essential to avoid freezing pipe conditions which can lead to cracking in the plumbing or even the Spa shell or components.

Service Details

Bronze Silver Gold
Biofilm added to water and shock dose
Filters put into soak in cleaning solution
Every jet checked and cleaned
Full maintenance and performance check
Pipework and glue-joint inspection
Empty, clean, rinse down and vacuum the spa
Make notes of suggested repairs
Clean out head of circulation pump and free from scale
Check heater is clear and free from scale
Tighten all unions, inspected replace any small seals if required
Re-fill the hot tub with fresh water, rinse and re-fit filters