Terms and Conditions

Heavenly Hot Tubs is a trading name of Heavenly Hot Tubs Group Ltd, Reg SC646725 with registered address Unit 8, Maxwell Building, 55 Nasmyth Avenue, East Kilbride, G75 0BE.

These terms of sale apply to your installation and by placing an order, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below; The placing of an order commences when an optional deposit has been paid in full or when your finance agreement has been signed.

1. General
These Terms and Conditions override any terms or conditions proposed by the buyer unless specifically agreed in writing by Heavenly Hot Tubs and, together with the agreed price for the goods, constitute the entire agreement for the sale. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, spa describes both portable spas and hot tubs.

2. Quotations
Each quotation or proforma invoice will show the agreed price for the goods and any extras plus any delivery or set up charges and VAT, this will only remain valid for 7 days from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated

3. Payment
All orders require a deposit of £0. Any deposits placed however will be noted. Should any order and/or deposit be paid upfront and then cancelled within 30 days for any reason then 90% of this will be refunded with the remaining 10% being retained by Heavenly Hot Tubs to cover administration and consultancy work already carried out. If an order is cancelled out with 30 days, Heavenly Hot Tubs will retain the full deposit paid. If your order is being paid for in connection with a finance agreement then your finance agreement is confirmation of your order/goods.

4. Delivery
Heavenly Hot Tubs will ensure that a full detailed description is given to you in regards the access requirements needed for getting your hot tub into the garden, this will include a document that will be sent out as via email either as an attachment or a website link. Heavenly Hot Tubs will request photographs in order to establish suitable access points and suitability for access of the tub to your garden and will liase with you in regards the measurements required for safe and required space. Should access photos not be sent it will be the responsibility of the customer to and all liability of not being able to install the tub on that day lies with the customer. In the case of a hi-ab or crane being used to position the tub by a third party, even if arranged by Heavenly Hot Tubs, the sole responsibility of the tub during this movement of the tub will be between you as the customer and the 3rd party hi-ab or crane company and we will take no responsibility for any loss or damage occurred during that time to hot tub and any property. The payment of such machinery is the full responsibility of the customer.

Delivery and set up is included in the price of the goods unless clearly stated. Islands will be subject to a delivery charge, please call for a quotation. Any time or date for delivery given is an estimate only and it is not the essence of contract and if the delivery is delayed, under no circumstances can compensation be considered or paid. This includes circumstances where you have been given and install date but this is then cancelled and has to be re arranged due to your tub not arriving from our suppliers. Heavenly Hot Tubs will not be liable for any costs or loss of income or time that you may occur as a result of date changes of your delivery or installation. If Heavenly Hot Tubs agree to delivery and on attending the site on the confirmed day, are unable to affect delivery due to a buyer being unprepared, a return visit to deliver the spa will incur a minimum cost of £250.00. This includes but is not limited to no or incorrect electrical set up in place, access issues that have not been flagged up to Heavenly Hot Tubs prior to install day or unsuitable base for tub siting. If any cause outside of the control of Heavenly Hot Tubs makes it impractical for Heavenly Hot Tubs to complete the order and supply the hot tub, the right is reserved to refund all monies and/or cancel a finance agreement without any form of compensation.

Upon day of installation, our trained & insured delivery team will assume full responsibility for the safe installation of your hot tub. You will not be requested to assist our installation team with the installation, and we ask that the area of installation is clear of any persons or pets. Any assistance that you or any person that is not a member of our trained installation department do provide will be at your own discretion and you accept that you do so at our own risk. The company will not be held liable for any injury suffered during any assistance that you do decide to provide.

5. Acceptance
The buyer will be deemed to have accepted the goods upon the completion of install. If upon inspection, you find that something is not of full satisfaction, Heavenly Hot Tubs shall at its option either repair or replace the defective part of as per the warranty details within a reasonable time and Heavenly Hot Tubs shall be liable for no other form of loss or compensation in that event including the loss of time or money in the event Heavenly Hot Tubs require access to the property at a later date.

6. Installation and Operating Requirements
The buyer should always observe the following installation and operating requirements and Heavenly Hot Tubs shall not be liable for any loss, whether direct, indirect or consequential, arising from any failure to do so.

Buyers are responsible for arranging, prior to delivery and installation the appropriate and required electricity supply. Buyers are advised to use a professional registered electrician and must ensure compliance with the manufacturer’s electrical instructions, requirements and electrical regulations relating to this type of installation.

Buyers must ensure in the event of the spa, or its supply line, going to earth this will only trip the supply to the spa compliance which store data or are affected by a disruption of supply. The correct size fuse, 30 milliamp ELCB/RCD, the correct size of cable to suit the spa and the length of cable run, must be fitted to any spa installation. If set up by Heavenly Hot Tubs is undertaken, this can only take place when the following requirements are in place. The correct electrical set up must be in place for Heavenly Hot Tubs upon install day and buyers should refer to the pre delivery guide on the website www.heavenlyhottubs.co.uk for a full detailed description of the electrical set up they require for the selected spa. There must be easy level access over hard (not soft) surfaces with adequate allowance for the spa on its transport trolley or mat, width and length, as well as difficult corners (Pictures sent to Heavenly Hot Tubs prior to delivery if unsure). Heavenly Hot Tubs may then place the goods in the position as instructed by the buyer. Indoor use is at the buyer’s risk and precautions must be made for leaks and access for the maintenance as well as taking appropriate actions to account for the build-up of any additional heat of condensation in relation to the hot tub being placed indoors. Furthermore, spas should only be located on waterproof suitable flooring. A spa is a water filled vessel without an inbuilt drain. Spas can only be gravity drained slowly via a hose tail or pumped out with a submersible pump. Care should be taken to avoid drainage onto sensitive plants, ponds or running water containing fish or other life forms.

Any vessel of this type could leak and cause damage with volume of water involved. While indoor spa location is not recommended, if the spa is located indoors or on a surface where damage could occur, it is the responsibility of the buyer to make provision for dealing with a leak and limiting the risk of damage. Floor drainage should be considered on indoor locations where splash or leaks could cause problems, which any spa located over a basement or not on a ground floor should be fitted with a suitable bund tank with drain which should be able to handle the eventuality of any minor or major leak. Leaks can cause damage to both finish and structure of the surroundings if provision is not made to avoid such occurrence. Any damage by water or leaks within the hot tub are the sole responsibility of the buyer and Heavenly hot tubs will not be liable for any compensation in regards such. The buyer should note that all dimensions are approximate due to the variations in bespoke manufacture. Accordingly (although permanent fittings for spas are not recommended anyway) the buyer should not construct such fittings prior to delivery.

For any warranty work, buyers must ensure the hot tub is accessible from all sides and there is adequate working space.

7. Removal and disposal of packaging
In order to keep the costs of our products down it remains the sole responsibility of the buyer to dispose of any packaging that may be left from the installation of the hot tub or any other service provided by Heavenly Hot Tubs. Should a buyer wish Heavenly Hot Tubs to remove and dispose of such material then a charge of £35 will be taken prior to Heavenly Hot Tubs doing so.

8. Representations and Referrals
Whilst Heavenly Hot Tubs will use every endeavour to give helpful advice and guidance to the buyer, to enable the buyer to make an informed choice, such advice will be limited to generalities and Heavenly Hot Tubs cannot be liable for specific circumstances relating to the buyer’s premises, intended use, or otherwise. Referrals, for example, the name of contractors who may be able to carry out certain work, such as Cranes, Hi-abs and electricians are given as a professional courtesy only, and Heavenly Hot Tubs cannot be responsible for any conduct or service provided by such contractors

9. Specifications
If the manufacturer adopts any changes in construction or design of the goods to be supplied under the agreement, the buyer shall accept the goods so changed in performance of the contract provided that any such changes do not substantially alter the functions or characteristics of the goods.

10. Operation and Maintenance
Neither Heavenly Hot Tubs nor the manufacturer can be held responsible for any adverse consequences to the goods, property or person arising from the buyer’s failure to comply with the manufacturer’s operating and/or maintenance instructions. Changes or alterations to parts or components are also at the buyer’s risk. Any ongoing running costs, such as electricity or chemicals, outlined by Heavenly Hot Tubs are only given as an estimate and no compensation or refunds will be given by Heavenly Hot Tubs should any differences occur after the installation has been completed.

11. Warranty Claims 

All claims under the manufacturer’s warranty should be directed to Heavenly Hot Tubs, quoting their surname, postcode, delivery date and model name as it appears on the order form. The warranty given on the tub will differ depending on the model purchased and this should be checked prior to any purchase and any claim. At no time will Heavenly Hot Tubs or any of its suppliers be responsible for any consequential losses incurred by customers using Heavenly Hot Tubs for commercial purposes. Any warranty supplied by Heavenly Hot Tubs will start from the day of install.

12. Running Costs
Any/all ongoing operational costs associated with a hot tub purchased from Heavenly Hot Tubs Group Ltd will be the responsibility of the customer and Heavenly Hot Tubs Group Ltd accept no responsibility or financial compensation for any required costs incurred by the customer. These costs include but are not limited to electricity costs, cleaning and maintenance costs & general aging/wear and tear of perishable parts. 

13. Returns
You are entitled to return your product within 30 days for any reason if you change your mind. The product must be in a like-new condition. All returns are subject to a collection, cleaning & re-packaging equal to 25% of the purchase price of the product.