Royale P – Holiday Park Hot Tub HSG282

Royale P – Holiday Park Hot Tub HSG282

£5,995.00 inc. VAT

17 Jets
16 Amps or 32 Amps


Royale Series – Looking for the best value in a hot tub? Look no further. Viking Spas’ REDESIGNED Consumers Digest Best Buy Royale has it all featuring a Zero G lounger and two captain seats providing the therapeutic massage you have been looking for. Ranging from plug-n-play (110v/240v convertible) to a fully featured 2 pump, LED lighted,stainless steel jetted spa, Viking provides good/ better/ best options for you.
Fully compliant with HSG282 guidelines, perfect for any holiday rental property, holiday park or AirBnB property.

These models can be fitted with tamper proof control panels, twin 3kW heaters to enable a fast heating time or heat pumps.

Finance available.

Dimensions: 78 inches square | 198 cm square
Depth: 34 inches | 86 cm
Capacity: 270 gallons | 1022 liters
Weight: 495 lbs | 225 kg