Silver Service

£329.99 inc. VAT


Heavenly Hot Tubs offer a water change service for those who feel as though they don’t get enough time to do it themselves. Our silver service allows us to visit every 3 months to give your hot tub or spa a freshen up.

With this service, you can pre-book visits, and if pre-arranged, our specialist professionals will replace filters and top up any chemical supplies you will need for an additional charge.

Our technicians will:

  • Biofilm remover added to water and shock dosed
  • Filters placed into cleaning solution and cleaned
  • Empty the water
  • Drain water from all fittings using a wet and dry vacuum
  • Deep cleanse, rinse and dry hot tub shell
  • Clean, protect and refit the cover
  • Refill hot tub with fresh water, rinse and refit filters
  • Water balanced with customers chemicals

Making booking:

  • We will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time
  • We will email confirmation of booking slot
  • We are currently booking appointments approximately 14 days in advance
  • The price covers hot tubs located 100 miles from our showroom, a travel surcharge will apply for hot tubs located out-with this radius.


Service Details

Bronze Silver Gold
Biofilm added to water and shock dose
Filters put into soak in cleaning solution
Every jet checked and cleaned
Full maintenance and performance check
Pipework and glue-joint inspection
Empty, clean, rinse down and vacuum the spa
Make notes of suggested repairs
Clean out head of circulation pump and free from scale
Check heater is clear and free from scale
Tighten all unions, inspected replace any small seals if required
Re-fill the hot tub with fresh water, rinse and re-fit filters