Fisher 3™ Hot Tub

Fisher 3™ Hot Tub

£5,795.00 inc. VAT

22 Jets
13 Amps


The Fisher 3™ is designed with couples in mind. While the 3 retains many of the hydrotherapy benefits of our larger spas, it’s compact size suits smaller areas and the lower water volume reduces spa running costs.

If your intention is only to spa as a single or a couple, why heat the water volume needed for our larger spas? At only 880 litres, the water volume of the Fisher 3™ is less than half that of many spas, leading to considerable running cost savings. So, if you are looking for good levels of hydrotherapy, room enough for two or three, with many of the features of the bigger spas, choose the Fisher 3™.

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Fisher 3™ Hot Tub