Hydrozone™ Swim Spa

£31,995.00£34,995.00 inc. VAT

Why choose a Hydrozone™ Swim Spa?

There is no doubt that the Vortex Hydrozone™ gives you the best of both worlds, combining two completely separate zones to create the multifunctional Hydrozone™ swim spa. At one end you can luxuriate in Vortex’s hydrotherapy focused spa pool, and at the other enjoy exercise and family fun in the spacious swim spa.

The water in the two zones is kept completely separate by an internal wall. This feature allows you to set different jet pressures, water temperatures and other in-spa functions for the spa area and the plunge pool – even when you are using both at the same time.

The combination of up to 68 jets, hydrotherapy lounger, the renowned Vortex™ neck therapy collar, easy step-down access, ensures you get the complete Vortex™ experience from the moment you step into the Hydrozone™ to the moment you step out.